Johnny Christy Kaspar

aka Johnny Law


I am an accomplished and well-respected trial attorney with diverse legal experience. My specific strengths include:


* The ability to see the numerous facets of complex legal issues;

* The skill to manage multiple priorities under dynamic circumstances with grace and competence;

* Passion for zealous, principled advocacy on behalf of my clients. I have provided excellent representation in hundreds of civil and criminal cases in Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Delaware, Green, Franklin, Hamilton, Highland and Warren counties of Ohio, as well as pro hac vice admission in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


My clientele have included individuals, government organizations, and corporate entities from across the nation. Some of my specific accomplishments include:


• Sup. R. 20 Certification as second-chair counsel in Death Penalty cases;

• Sup. R. 48 Certification to act as Guardian ad litem on behalf of children in Domestic Relations and Juvenile Courts of Ohio;

• Significant first-chair and second-chair trial experience, including numerous jury trials;

• Prolific drafting experience, including contracts, charters, and corporate policies;

• Excellent negotiation skills, as used in mediation and settlement conferences;

• Legendary client satisfaction, as evidenced by reputation, referrals, and repeat clients

Juris Doctorate, Law, Salmon P. Chase, 2004
Masters in Business Administration, Business-Law Concentration, Northern Kentucky University, 2004

Associates Degree, Criminal Justice,Great Oaks Police Academy, 1994

BA, University Scholar, Xavier University, 1993

High School Diploma, Cum Laude, Honors Program, Moeller High School, 1989

Bar Number: 0078062
Admittance: 11/2004

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I aspire to adhere to the Lawyer’s Creed...


 TO MY CLIENTS, I offer loyalty, confidentiality, competence, diligence and my best judgment. I shall represent you as I should want to be represented and be worthy of your trust. I shall counsel you with respect to alternative methods to resolve disputes. I shall endeavor to achieve your lawful objectives as expeditiously and economically as possible.


TO THE OPPOSING PARTIES and THEIR COUNSEL, I offer fairness, integrity and civility. I shall not knowingly make misleading or untrue statements of fact or law. I shall endeavor to consult with and cooperate with you in scheduling meetings, depositions and hearings. I shall avoid excessive and abusive discovery. I shall attempt to resolve differences and, if we fail, I shall strive to make our dispute a dignified one.


TO THE COURTS and OTHER TRIBUNALS, and TO THOSE WHO ASSIST THEM, I offer respect, candor and courtesy. Where consistent with my client’s interests, I shall communicate with opposing counsel in an effort to avoid or resolve litigation. I shall attempt to agree with other counsel on a voluntary exchange of information and on a plan for discovery. I shall do honor to the search for justice.