Ohio attorney



I am Johnny Christy Kaspar.  Who am I?


First, I'm a person - just like you. I'll seek to understand who you are, the facts of your life and your objectives in order to best represent you.


Second, I'm a parent. If you are seeking an attorney for a domestic relations or other family law case, I understand what's on the line in your legal matter.  Parenting rights are just as important as your liberty, your property rights, and your right to pursue happiness. Parenting rights and obligations such as custody and parenting time are of critical importance and, as a parent, I know why.


Third, I'm an attorney.  I'm a graduate of Archbishop Moeller High School of Kenwood, Ohio.  I earned a Bachelors of Arts as a University Scholar in the Honors Program for Xavier University of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I also achieved both my Juris Doctorate and my Masters in Business Administration  from Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. Since I was admitted to the Bar for the Supreme Court of Ohio in November of 2004, I've had many, many cases and adventures - all of which have honed my knowledge and skills to be a smart and zealous advocate for you.


I appreciate your confidence and look forward to representing you with respect to your legal matter.


My curriculum vitae follows for your reference.  



I believe in the Law. Not as it is, but as it should be. The Law is intended to be the great equalizer between the common person and the leviathan of the government, whether a state or the federal government.  It is also, as a social contract between each of us as citizens, intended to protect our rights and enforce our obligations with respect to each other.  I believe in enforcing the law for you, whether it is enforcement against the state or against your neighbor in order to obtain a fair, just, and favorable result for you.


I believe in making a positive difference for my clients. While we live in a nation built on ideals, the fact is that, right now, things are far from ideal. We also live in a culture built on the right to pursue happiness, but many, many people come to me because they are anything but happy. I believe in trying to find unconventional, just, and positive resolutions for my clients, particularly when their present circumstances feel hopeless and bleak. I want to make a positive difference for you.


I believe in serving. Whether you are a person of means or you have little to your name, I believe in equality of service for all. The law was intended to be accessible to all.  In reality, it has become a morass of complicated technicality and a labyrinth that makes it practically impossible for the common person to navigate.  I believe in service, not as an American mandarin who should be praised because he is a lawyer, but rather as a guide, a peer, and a navigator through what can be a very scary system at times. 


I believe that I can help you. I can come up with answers and solutions. I approach legal issues with both conventional and unconventional perspectives. And, if it's something I cannot answer or resolve, I'll be honest about it and direct you to a specialist who can. I want to help you and I believe I can.      





130 East Mulberry Street

Lebanon, Ohio 45036